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Female wrestling

Female wrestling

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June 24 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 08:54 ]
Team Black: This is Team Black's first match. They have size and speed. Both are extremely competitive, and hate to lose. Devi has more experience but Adrianna has strength and size.


apartment wrestling
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June 21 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 14:23 ]
Adrianna Nicole is the new kid and knows how to win. Tall, strong and aggressive is the best way to describe this Amazonian blond bombshell with huge natural breasts.

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female wrestling
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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 04:59 ]
Who wants it more? Who wants to go on to the next round? One girl will advance, one girl will go home - her season ending today.

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ladies oil wrestling
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June 18 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 09:42 ]
Samantha Sin is the rookie. In just her first year she shows great promise as a future contender. She is hoping to improve her rankings going into the Summer Vengeance Tournament that starts June 2nd. Samantha hopes to over come the veteran, there is nothing like fucking an experienced wrestler, when your the new girl.

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female wrestling videos
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June 17 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 14:56 ]
A great tag team match up feature two new wrestling talents. Kylie Worthy is a smoking hot MILF with amazing breasts and nipples. Sara Faye is a sexy scraper, young, tough and willing to fight hard. They are paired with two veterans, Harmony Rose and Ariel X. One team is going to win, and one team is going to get brutally bound and fucked.

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glory wrestling
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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 04:33 ]
Bree Barrett nicknamed herself the Mormon - not my fault. Anyway, Bree spent 2 years in the Army learning how to defend herself and kill others, so she certainly has some kind of skill. However, we don't give points for killing, so her military experience might not be that useful. Isis Love is on top of her game in this match. She forced her fingers into Bree early and often. Bree is fingered, forced to "submit," and suffers though brutal headlocks, scissors and grapevines. Isis, applying a brutal grapevine, rendered Bree helpless, spreading her legs wide open and then fingering her. This was a great win for the veteran.


boys wrestling
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June 16 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 11:05 ]
Vendetta is the powerhouse of US, solid muscle, solid skills, she is the definition of strength, and sportsmanship. Spartica is a rabid, never say quit, demon from hell. She came to US late in the season and got into the tournament based on her first match which was a tag team effort. With collegian wrestling skills she has defeated ranked veterans to get to this semi-quarterfinal match, and is undefeated in this tournament. The Final Four is set, the next three updates will be shown live, clear your schedules.

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female submission wrestling
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June 15 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 10:40 ]
Ginger Lynn, porn legend of the 80's, comes partially out of retirement to see what this Ultimate Surrender thing is all about. She wanted to wrestle and then interview us on her radio show about her experience and the site. That sounded good to me, so we got The Killer to come in and kick her ass. Let's all thank Ginger for the courage and the effort she showed, because Ultimate Surrender is not a cake walk and anyone who tries it deserves praise.


teen wrestling
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June 14 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 12:33 ]
The Tsunami (Christina Aguchi) is one of the strongest welterweights we have. Although she already had prior wrestling experience when she came in, she has gained even more experience since she has been here. The Tsunami was ranked 8th because of her skill strength and endurance.


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June 12 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 12:35 ]
The last match before the SUMMER VENGEANCE tourney and the Badger finds herself on the outside looking in. She was ranked most of the year but her string of losses have bumped her from the top 16. She has experience, but not enough to overcome her size. She needs this win to have a chance for the Tournament. The Tsunami is strong and has experience, her one loss to Vendetta showed us she is a force to be reckoned with. Her spot is safe even with a lost this week. It is do or die for the Badger, can she upset the bigger, stronger Tsunami?

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June 09 2008
Posted by nudewrestling  [ 12:11 ]
There is controversy as to Chaos's ranking of 7th. Some do not think she should be ranked at all. No wins and three big losses. So why is she ranked 7th? Well she gets a chance to prove herself worthy this week against another ranked opponent. The Killer is ranked 6th, she is tall, strong and vicious on the mat, and that is all I really to say about that.


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Posted by nudewrestling  [ 09:51 ]
The Ninja is back; she has been training and looks great. She is serious about winning this season's title. She has some new moves and techniques which she wants to try out on the new girl; however, Ariel might not be as big of a push over as we would have thought. Ariel X is smooth, sleek, shaved and sexy. She is also tough, having worked with her on Hogtied, I can tell you there is no girl tougher then this. She grew up with 4 brothers and that always gives a girl an edge. She is spirited and will not give up. Let us hope Ariel will continue her career with US.

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